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Here's How It Works....

Site Consultation Meeting

A quick meeting is scheduled with the Director to check out the premises and decide where the photos will be taken.  The date and length of time for photo day will also be determined, depending on the number of students and the school's schedule.   

Photo Day Posters and Consent Forms Sent

Within a few days, the school will receive the Photo Day posters to put up around the school, and the consent forms to give to parents.  The consent forms are to request the parent's email addresses to which the proofing galleries will be sent, and ask permission to take their child's photo.  Both the posters and consent forms are also available in pdf format, in case the school prefers to send this information directly to the parents on their mailing list.

Photo Day!

Within 30-45 minutes, the backdrops, lights, and props will be set up, and photo taking will begin.  Normally, 4-5 students are brought to the photographer at a time.  This helps them to see the process and become more comfortable with the lights and backdrop.  Other than the taking of the group photo, the child's day isn't disrupted for more than 20 minutes.

Proofing Galleries Sent to Parents

After approximately one week, each parent is sent their child/ren's password protected, private proofing gallery.  The galleries are PC, mobile, and tablet friendly, and the parents can share these photos with friends and family, or in social media sites at no charge.

Online Ordering

Parents will have about a week to make their orders.  All payments are done online, so it's no hassle for the school.  We are always available to answer any questions and special requests.

Photo Packages are Delivered to the School

After two weeks of the order deadline,  the packages will be delivered to the school along with the class photos and a donation to the school.  Parents are given the packages by the school, and have a week to contact Jasmin if there are any mistakes or quality issues with the prints.   Retakes are not offered because we do concentrate on smaller schools, but parents are welcome to arrange a studio visit for a small fee if they are not happy with their  child's expressions....but they are almost ALWAYS HAPPY :)

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